The summary

On the occasion of reaching 100 handcrafted instruments, we decided to design a new model that summarizes and unifies in one guitar many of the characteristics that should be in an SZ.
This is how the Jandrid was born (taking its name from a Castilianization of «Hundred») whose premise was to be the most comfortable and summarized guitar of all those created so far. A 38mm thick body, recesses in the waist and armrest area, and a look that suits any style of music.


▪ Body in Caroba or Lenga
▪ Maple neck
▪ Rosewood or Maple fretboard
▪ Pickups DS Pickups Humbuckers
▪ Wilkinson Bridge
▪ Tuning pegs Gotoh Japan
▪ Electronics Hosco Japan
▪ Scale 25"
▪ Fretboard radius 12"
▪ Polyurethane Finish
▪ Bone nut
▪ Double action truss rod
▪ Aluminium markers


To order an SZ instrument, it is requested to pay 25% of its value, and then pay the rest in a payment plan that suits your budget.

Do not hesitate to write to us and without a doubt we will find the best way for an SZ to reach your hands!

At the moment, the delivery time is 75/90 days from the payment of the reservation.